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The Old Town by @photo_friday_ is the name popularly given to the oldest part of Edinburgh and together with the New Town forms a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One end is closed by Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile leads away from it, with minor streets (called closes or wynds) budding off the main spine. ▫️ The topography for the city is known as "crag and tail" and was created during the Ice Age. The hilltop crag was the earliest part of the city to develop, becoming fortified by Malcolm III and his wife, Saint Margaret of Scotland in the 11th century and eventually developing into the current Edinburgh Castle. The rest of the city grew slowly down the tail of land from the Castle Rock to the Palace of Holyrood. ▫️ From the 1500s, the inhabitants, choosing to stay in proximity to the protection of the castle, built tall narrow buildings along a stretch known as Castlehill. By the time of the birth of Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1542, the Old Town’s characteristic pattern of narrow wynds and closes between high tenements was well established. ▫️ Today, Old Town is one of the most popular areas to visit in Edinburgh and is home to many notable buildings including St Giles Cathedral, the Law Courts and the Royal Museum of Scotland, to name a few. ————————————————————- #lovescotland #scotland #scottish #visitscotland #travelinggram #visualsoflife #thisisscotland #master_shots #instascotland #ig_worldclub #igersscotland #discoverglobe #discoverearth #roamtheplanet #harrypotter #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #discoverscotland #scotland_greatshots #kings_villages #greatnorthcollective #mytinyatlas #travellingthroughtheworld #travelblogger #earthfocus #gameofthrones #traveltheworld #earthpix #edinburgh #exploretocreate

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